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Shepherd's House Orphanage Project 
Shepherd's House is a project committed to providing a better life for Haiti’s orphans and street children.  In cooperation with Shepherd’s House Ministries, Global Promise is committed to helping as many children as we can by bringing them off of the streets and teaching them the skills necessary to lift them out of poverty and into a bright future.

The Shepherd’s House Ministries was founded by Aaron Nelson. Aaron is originally from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Adopted by two missionaries, Terry and Cary Nelson who have been working there since early 80s. Aaron believes he is called of the Lord to open orphanages in Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. 
Building Project Description

Phase I:  Girls Dormitory - This dormitory will provide a
              home for a about 100 less fortunate girls.  It
              will consist of 10 rooms, housing a
              maximum of 10 girls in each room. 

Phase II:  Boys Dormitory - This dormitory will provide                    a home for a about 100 less fortunate boys.                    It will consist of 10 rooms, housing a                              maximum of 10 boys in each room. 

Phase III:  Staff/Guest Housing - This building will be a                    place for our staff, missionaries, and guests                    to stay. It will consist of ten family suites,
                an office, a library, a common kitchen and
                dining room, a common family room, and                        bathrooms. 

Phase IV:  Cafeteria/Auditorium - This building will
                 seat about 500 people.  It will be open to
                 the public for special events such as
                 concerts, competitions, and other programs
                 that will enable the youth to develop their
                 skills. In addition, it will be used to hold
                 Church and Chapel services. 

Phase V: K-12 School - This will be a non-                                    discriminatory school for about 400 students.                  The maximum capacity per classroom will
               be about 30 students.  There will also be an                    outside playground for physical activities. 
Master Plan
Exterior View of the Girls Dormitory 
Advancing the Promise of Hope and a Future